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Through the authentic and experimental character of its sakes and artisanal liqueur of superior quality, the Akashi Sake Brewery seeks to reveal the beauty of hidden details. Its creations are imagined and crafted in small quantities by the Toji (Sake Master) Kimio Yonezawa and his team of artisans.


A liqueur made from plums (“ume” in Japanese). Its sweet, fruity flavours make it a very popular choice. The plums are macerated in Ginjo Sake for 6 months. The plum liqueur is then aged in porcelain enamelled tank for 1 year and a half.


Very refreshing and fragrant, the Yuzy liqueur is perfect as an appetizer or after dinner. It offers a touch of originality to the most refined cocktails. Akashit-Tai uses a high quantity of fresh yuzu juice (45%) coming from the Hyogo region and pressed on arrival to preserve the initial aromas of the fruit.

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