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Casteal Chamuis


A welcoming gateway to the world of heavily peated whiskies

A mystifying whisky

From The Hebrides, cloaked in mist – comes a mystifying whisky – Caisteal Chamuis (“Castle Camus” for non-Gaelic speakers.) A whisky that, mysteriously, is Heavily Peated, yet Heavily Smooth. An enigma in itself.

Heavily peated

In a traditional Hebridean style, Caisteal Chamuis is a Blended Malt Whisky that offers complex layers of smokiness.

Heavily smooth

Though heavily peated, Caisteal Chamuis is mellowed by means of double barrel ageing, making it inexplicably smooth.

Heavily mysterious

While ghosts of bloody battles are said to float through the mist – Fear not! Step inside the safety of the castle. And if you have trepidations about smoky, peated whiskies – your fears will be put to rest by the enigmatic smoothness of Caisteal Chamuis – A whisky Heavily Peated, yet Heavily Smooth – The biggest mystery of all.

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