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Clos Martin


Inspired by winegrowers

Only the best

Clos Martin protects the traditional savoir-faire of the Gascony region. The House selects only the finest Armagnacs, crafted with traditional vertical columned stills that offer intensely floral notes typical of local grape varieties and eaux-de-vie.

From the cave to the light

These precious liquids, left to age in demi-muids or in large barrels most often made from local Gascony oak, lie dormant in a pure state in winemaker’s cellars until they are ready to see the light again.

Gascony soul

Honest, proud and generous, these rare eaux-de-vie, produced by a small group of loyal winemakers, express the character of the Gascony people, both forged under the influence of the Pyrenees.

Heart and soul to be shared

Clos Martin carries amateurs and connoisseurs away on an enthralling journey through Armagnac, during which they can discover a variety of styles, stories and traditions unique to each House, each winemaker and each cellar master. Above all, it is their heart and soul that Clos Martin is proud to share.

A masterful ageing

The Clos Martin’s blends are aged in the cellars well in excess of required age: at least 3 years for the VS, 8 for the VSOP and 15 for the XO, while the law requires respectively 1, 4 and 6 years.

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