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Gin 1948


Hand-Crafted Swiss Alpine Speciality

Between tradition and nobility

Created in the Kindschi distillery, a venerable House of Graub√ľnden founded in 1860, Gin 1948 is noble and aromatic. This fine spirit is made from over 9 carefully selected botanicals, roots and spices and double distilled according to a traditional recipe from 1948.

A Swiss gin for English connoisseurs

In the 1940s, English tourists began frequenting Davos, Switzerland. One night in 1947, English regulars found themselves in the bar of a well-known hotel. At the time, the English were already well known for liking gin, but unfortunately the hotel had only one type of gin, which was not to their liking. The group requested a better gin, and the hotelier was informed. When the guests left, the hotelier promised that he would have a better gin at the bar the following year.

A recipe from Kindschi's grandfather

A promise is a promise. Mr Kindschi tinkered and tasted until he finally conjured a delicious gin. The year was 1948. Today, Gin 1948 is produced according to traditional recipe created by the grandfather of Rico Kindschi, current Master Distiller. This fine spirit is double distilled and made from a blend of 9 selected botanicals, much to the delight of connoisseurs from all over the world, and fortunately, it is not reserved for the English in Davos.

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