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GWS Supreme


The new Georgian chacha expression

Tradition at the service of mixologists

Crafted from grapes harvested exclusively from GWS vineyards, Supreme Chacha is intended for wine and spirit lovers. Its streamlined and luxurious label is inspired by the traditional Georgian grape varieties found in the region: Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Kisi.

Equally meant for hip sommeliers and professional mixologists, Supreme Chacha offers a challenge compared to everyday tequila, vodka or baijius.

From Georgian banquets to summer cocktails

Proud of its rich history, GWS created Supreme Chacha as a modern tribute to traditional Georgian hospitality and rituals such as supras, generous ancestral feasts.

Supreme Chacha is a high-end spirit to serve for all occasions, particularly in environments where mixology is taking flight: ski resorts, summer cocktail bars, or festive dinners.

Two distillations, two benefits

At GWS, the traditional Georgian method of double distillation is carried out in small copper stills that look like those used in Charente to produce Cognac. This double distillation technique preserves only the best and most delicate aromas, all while ensuring the spirit is of the highest quality.

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