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Viennese tradition since 1890

Imperial, royal and impossible to miss

Since the Imperial and Royal periods, Hochriegl has been the perfect companion for special events and celebrations. It was at this time that the traditional Viennese cafés – today classed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list – had a social clout much higher than they do today. It was here that important decisions were made, where debates were had over coffee, and the end of discussion was celebrated with Hochriegl.

From balls at court to birthdays

The high quality of this sparkling Viennese wine, whose name alludes to a vineyard on the Nussberg near Vienna, has made Hochriegl the supplier of choice to the Imperial and Royal court. Over time, Hochriegl became inseparable from the customs of Austrian society during festive occasions and grand balls. This tradition lives on today, so much that Hochriegl, whose character is blended with the freshness of a prosecco, is still the number 1 sparkling wine in Austria, particularly at Christmas, for the New Year and birthdays. With its PINK range, Hochriegl looks to serve a younger consumer and sponsors festive events.

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