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Kindschi Röteli


Hand-Crafted Swiss Alpine Specialities

One family, one liqueur

Kindschi Bündner Röteli is a Swiss cherry liqueur, produced in the Kindschi distillery, a venerable House of Graubünden, and founded in 1860. The liqueur is made from an original recipe passed down from one generation to the next.

Patient work befits the cherry

No less than 5 months are necessary to produce Kindschi Bündner Röteli. Dried cherries are blended with spices then left to mature in a cistern for three months. From a deep rich ruby colour, the liquid is extracted then distilled. Next, the distillate is left to mature for two more months. The Röteli is then finished off with a selection of spices and sugar.

Five generations of master distillers

From recipe development to the finished product, Rico Kindschi, who represents the fifth generation of master distillers, carefully oversees each step of production. The Kindschi Bündner Röteli is traditionally consumed during cold months, but can also be savoured all year long as a compliment to game, desserts and warm drinks.

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