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Sophisticated elegance

Inspired by the ambience

Chacha produced on a royal estate must be worthy of a king and his entourage, that’s why it’s called “Noblesse,” which also reflects its strong character and distinguished profile. This noble spirit from Château Mukhrani is crystal-clear, with a delicate bouquet of white mulberry flowers and hints of toasted almonds and yellow pear.

Artful aromatic precision

Blended from Goruli Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli, Chinuri, Saperavi, Shavkapito and Tavkveri grape varieties then distilled in a modern high-quality alembic distillery with an aroma plate system under strict quality control to ensure the highest levels of aromatic precision, Chacha Noblesse offers a gentle and unique smooth profile with fruitful warm aromas on the palate and a long, fine finish.

To sip neat or savour in a cocktail

Simply delicious in and of itself, the Noblesse Chacha can be sipped at room temperature or savored in a cocktail. Excellent as a digestive. A perfect base or complement to many tropical or fruit flavors for creative cocktail lovers.

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