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Northern Grains


Premium organic vodka from Altai

One place from-seed-to-the-bottle

Inspired by peerless beauty and exceptional ecology of Altai region, we created Northern Grains premium organic vodka.

To make this vodka we are using certified flax, rye and wheat that we grow ourselves in full compliance with organic farming principles.

We are proud to present Northern Grains, that we make from seed to the bottle at the Itkul Distillery in the Altai. This vodka truly embodies Altai terroir and let you feel the power of the place!

Pursuing naturalness

We are committed to making 100% organic vodka of natural ingredients.

Preserving authenticity

Our vodka is a true extract of Altai as we create it from flax, rye and wheat that we grow ourselves locally.

Celebrating empowerment

At the junction of old recipes and eco certified state of the art technology that empowers us to deliver outstanding quality, we craft this organic vodka.

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