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Marussia Belgium

  • 5 Employees
  • 100% On trade

Marussia Beverages Belgium is founded in 2023 and distributes wines and spirits from Marussia Beverages as well as other strong brands.

Marqués de Riscal, Sfeer Hotel 11

Marussia Beverages Belgium is the exclusive wine partner of AB InBev. The brewery has

60% market share in on trade, granting Marussia Beverages access to the majority of on

trade outlets.


Whilst Marussia Beverages Belgium is still at its beginning, the Belgian sales team

benefits from the 200 years of experience from its sister company Walraven Sax

based in The Netherlands. Sales can rely on the Dutch marketing and trade marketing

teams to ensure the right portfolio and activations. Thanks to a culture of open

mindedness, honesty, and transparency, Marussia Beverages Belgium is set for sustainable

growth and a long and healthy future.

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