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And aspirations

    It began with a journey

    Our origins

    What drives one to explore and discover?

    Is it a taste for knowledge? Is it a search for the exceptional? Some go in search of themselves, others in search of an escape, but whatever the goal, the traveler’s state of mind often counts much more than the destination.

    The quest for the poles

    An achievement
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    Dr. Frederik Paulsen

    The first man to reach all 8 poles

    As he pulls his sleigh towards the North Pole, Dr. Frederik Paulsen does not yet know that his love of adventure and his quest for unknown lands will lead him to other extremes: the geographic poles, the magnetic poles to which all compasses point, the geomagnetic poles that are the points where the axis of the Earth magnet intersects the Earth surface and the poles of inaccessibility which are located at the greatest distance from any land mass.

    From one hemisphere to the other, he reaches the poles one by one and threads them together into a new record: he is the first man to reach all 8 poles of our planet. The businessman’s entourage of scientists, writers, and friends help him push his own limits.

    8 / 8 Poles

    A successful entrepreneur

    And a man of spirit

    The birth of a project

    As a result of his boundless travels and expeditions, Dr. Frederik Paulsen’s impressions, discoveries and memories are the inspiration behind this independent and international wine and spirits group.

    A business founded in 2004

    Built around Dr. Frederik Paulsen’s legacy conscious philosophy and based on his human values, this group makes wine and spirits lovers discover products from all over the world since 2004.

    The story continues

    Father & Daughter

    Eda Paulsen continuing the legacy

    Following in her father’s footsteps, Eda Paulsen is involved in the activities of Marussia Beverages and will represent the family trust in the long term. With her, Marussia Beverages will continue its explorations into new countries, markets, channels and environmentally friendly practices.

    Our Committed Leaders

    Eda Paulsen, Esq

    Paulsen Family Representative

    Eric Laborde

    Executive Chairman

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    Etienne de Salins

    Regional Vice President - Growth markets

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    Mag. Benedikt Zacherl

    Regional Vice President - Continental Europe

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    Dr. Pedro Casablanca

    Group Operations Director

    Enrique De La Rubia

    Group Chief Financial Officer

    Vlastimil Spelda

    Group Marketing Director

    Elene Totibadze

    Group Legal Director


    Our dedicated team

    1270 employees
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    1270 employees serving excellence

    Excellence begins with every master distiller and continues with winegrowers, winemakers and sake brewers, committed to maintaining this global heritage while translating the essence of Marussia Beverages’ spirits, wines and sake, to those whose lips meet them.

    A unique Portfolio

    Inspired by our travels

    Wines and spirits are a matter of memory

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    Whether calling upon the memories of their taste buds when choosing a cherry liqueur or their olfactory memory to revisit an impression left by a Japanese whisky, the Marussia Beverages experts compose a real invitation to travel.

    Thanks to their expertise, connoisseurs from all over the world can discover the best Siberian vodka, appreciate Georgian wines of character, open bottles from preserved casks of Caribbean rums or share all the French savoir-faire of a Bas-Armagnac with their loved ones.

    Supported by 12 distribution companies and 40 importers throughout the world, Marussia Beverages guarantees rare and precious sensory moments to those who travel through taste.


    Our production

    Across the world

    Explore the world of

    Marussia Beverages

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