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Our objective is to create and build our own premium wines, spirits & sake brands with a unique selling proposition. We want to engage responsible consumers in a memorable and emotional experience, through education, digital content, hospitality and wine tours.

Mamont Vodka
135° East Gin
Noblesse Chacha
GWS Supreme Chacha
Gin 1948 Gin
Northern Grains Vodka
Casteal Chamuis Whisky
Torabhaig Whisky
Hatozaki Whisky
Mossburn Whisky
Mezan Rum
Clos Martin Armagnac
Akashi-Tai Sake
Old Tbilisi Wine
Vismino Wine
Tamada Wine
Colours of Georgia Wine
Château Mukhrani Wine
Hochriegl Wine
Goldeck Wine
Schlumberger Wine
Speakeasy Ready-to-drink
Mamont Blood Bitter
Mozart Liqueur
Akashi-Tai Liqueur
Kindschi Röteli Liqueur
Leibwächter Bitter
Kleiner Klopfer Liqueur

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