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The finest vodka from Siberia

Mamont vodka is produced in the oldest operating distillery  in Siberia – The Itkul Distillery. Founded in 1868, Itkul is a modern distillery with a great history, going back 150 years. It is the only in-house manufacturer of malt spirits of Altai origin.

From the grain to the bottle, Mamont vodka is made in a single spot, in accordance with the principle of terroir. For this, we use our malted alcohol, made from locally germinated grains and without any artificial fermentation.

Produced in one of the most ecologically regions of Russia

Its tusk-shaped bottle is inspired by the discovery of the great mammoth Yukagir, found in Yakutia after spending 18,000 years under the ice. A tribute to this unique region of Arctic Siberia and its emblem, the mammoth, the vodka celebrates the spirit of adventure that animated this polar exploration and invites you to travel.

Mamont vodka in a few words

  • A single estate vodka, crafted in Altai, Siberia
  • Smooth taste with a dry finish
  • Made from malted barley and malted millet, winter wheat and rye

  • Distilled 6 times
  • Unique tusk-shaped bottle, inspired by the Yukagir mammoth

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