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From sake to whisky, 100 years of passion

The Yonezawa family moved to Akashi City in 1856. After mastering the art of sake brewing, the family began distilling in 1917. A century later, Kimio Yonezawa, the house’s master blender and distiller, is honouring his heritage and the 100th anniversary of his family’s business by creating the Kaikyō distillery and the Hatozaki whiskies.

From one barrel to another

All Hatozaki whiskies are the result of double blending. First, several whiskies are selected to create the base blend. This selection is then allowed to mature for as long as needed. A part of this base blend is then poured back into barrels with other whiskies at the Kaikyō distillery, which takes its name from the nearby suspended bridge. During this second stage of blending, several types of barrels are used, such as bourbon, sherry, sakura (Japanese cherry), or even mizunara (Japanese white oak). This step makes it possible to weave in additional aromatic notes, creating both depth and finesse in the final blend.

The final product results in two different whiskies: The Hatozaki Blended Whisky is an assemblage of superior quality whiskies, aged for up to 12 years in the barrel. The whisky’s lightness is due to the dominance of malt.

The Hatozaki Pure Malt is a 100% malt whisky, aged in bourbon, sherry and mizunara oak barrels.

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