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Château Mukhrani


Sophisticated elegance

French wine making at the service of Georgian wines

The story of Château Mukhrani and its wine began in 1878, the year its first vintage was produced. Ivane Mukhranbatoni, a descendant of the Bagrationi royal family, back from France, where he learned the art of wine making in the Bordeaux and Champagne regions, decided to introduce the concept of a château in Georgia. There, at his ancestral domain of Mukhrani, he put contemporary wine making methods in place. The association of local traditions and new techniques revolutionized the quality of Georgian wine. Since 1878, the exceptional quality of these wines has been widely lauded and allowed the Château Mukhrani to win several international prizes.

The road to excellence

Château Mukhrani aims to create exceptional Georgian wines, with strong individual characters which showcase their origins. The château takes into account the specificities of the Kartli terroir and local Georgian grape varieties by uniting both traditional and modern wine making techniques. The transition towards organic winemaking and well-thought out use of natural fermentation has also contributed to Château Mukhrani’s road to excellence.

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