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Château Mukhrani



Royal heritage Since 1878

The history of winemaking at Château Mukhrani started in 1878 with its first vintage. It was Prince Ivane Mukhranbatoni, a descendant of the noble Bagrationi family, who, after returning from France where he learned the fine art of winemaking in the Bordeaux and Champagne regions, decided to introduce the concept of a château in Georgia. He implemented contemporary winemaking methods and started producing wonderful Georgian wines on the ancestral Mukhrani estate, which became a gathering place for a glittering crowd of Georgian
and foreign elites. Today, Château Mukhrani, with its 19-century palace, restaurant, beautiful gardens and lush vineyards, unites Georgian history with contemporary wine tourism and hospitality.

Quest for Excellence

The château, located in the Kartli region near Tbilisi, cultivates 102 hectares of Georgian and International grape varieties. 100% of grapes come from their own vineyards. Great care is taken to achieve premium-quality grapes by intense manual canopy management. Yields are strictly controlled by pruning and, if necessary, by green harvesting. Château Mukhrani practices organic viticulture and wines created by natural fermentation perfectly express the individuality and authentic character of the Kartli terroir, which has resulted in Château Mukhrani wines winning more than 200 awards in international competitions.

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