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The most valuable herbs from all over the world are processed into a unique elixir by cold maceration, a very gentle process to extract the essence of these high-quality herbs. Leibwächter contains the macerates of herbs with medicinal value such as malva, vermouth, common centaury, blackthorne, angelica and rosemary

The Herbal Bitter

As a herbal bitter, Leibwächter reflects the trend of a sugar-reduced lifestyle. By legal definition its sugar levels are lower than those of herbal liqueurs and  therefore Leibwächter represents the perfect alternative.

From Austria

Leibwächter is a product with a long tradition produced in Austria. Every bottle represents 145 years of experience in the production of spirits as well as the diligence and dedication of our workers at the Mozart Distillery in Salzburg, Austria, who make Leibwächter a unique, local product.

The Market Leader

The small-bottle bestseller in the Austrian off-trade market, now available in a larger bottle (500ml) and more unique design. Leibwächter is a highlight in the herbal liqueur shelf and attracts a new and younger target group with its unique design and bottle shape.

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