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Chocolate worth your time

An institution to the glory of chocolate

Enriched by more than 60 years of experience, the Mozart Distillerie in Salzburg produces a chocolate liqueur of the same name. The Mozart Distillerie offers a unique chocolate treat that has allowed it to become and remain the best chocolate liqueur in the world.

The essence of a product

During its production process, Mozart uses the same ingredients that are employed in making chocolate, such as cocoa and vanilla beans. Cold maceration of these ingredients makes it possible to capture the true essence of these ingredients. For this reason, Mozart uses only natural ingredients as well as real Belgian chocolate in Mozart Chocolate Cream.

Savoir-faire in milk, dark and white chocolate

From the transformation of raw materials to the end product, multiple steps are necessary. Discover the range of our Mozart Chocolate products, inspired by the most popular chocolate flavors in the world.

Gourmet masterpieces

Mozart reflects a commitment to creating masterpieces in the form of chocolate liqueurs of the highest quality. It is important for Mozart that its products offer up a true chocolate treat and reflect the sophisticated artisanal production process in which only natural ingredients are used.

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