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Chocolate Symphony

Take a spark of creativity, shape it through years of experience, and blend it charmingly with attention to detail into a unique symphony.

A composition of highest quality

Years of expertise, creativity, and passion are dedicated, especially by our Master Distiller & Chocolatier. For over 60 years, the Mozart Distillery has been located in Salzburg Austria, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Every single Mozart bottle is produced in our distillery in Salzburg – then as now. Decades of experience uncompromisingly ensure the highest quality through a unique production process. The sophisticated manufacturing process requires multiple steps in composing the original Mozart Chocolate Liqueur.

The best way to enjoy chocolate

There are a variety of ways to enjoy Mozart Chocolate Liqueur. Apart from neat or on ice, try one of our delicious chocolate cocktail – a Mozart Choctail. Discover our products, the unique manufacturing process and be inspired by the variety of ways to enjoy Mozart Chocolate Liqueur on our website.

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