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Kleiner Klopfer


The synonym for an entire category

Liqueurs for fun

Kleiner Klopfer is a range of various liqueurs packaged in small shot-sized bottles. For many years, the brand has been synonymous with parties, good mood and festive moments.

31 opportunities to party

With 31 different flavours, Kleiner Klopfer offers a wide variety of liqueurs in small bottles. Consumers can choose from single flavour or mixed flavour packaging, allowing everyone to find the right taste. With the colourful bottles and the iconic tapping ritual, Kleiner Klopfer is at the heart of good times. Wherever there is a party, Kleiner Klopfer is sure to be there!

Next level

Since January 2021, Kleiner Klopfer is available in a new 0.7-liter bottle, to take the shot business to the next level. This expansion of the range comes along with two new and trendy flavours – just available in the 0.7-liter bottle: Raspberry Vanilla (superbly fruity) and Blueberry Ice (with a hint of cool mint).

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