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Kleiner Klopfer



A long-lasting success story

For more than 25 years, the undefeated Market Leader Kleiner Klopfer has been writing its own story of success and represents – unlike any other brand in this category – festivity, fun and lifestyle. Kleiner Klopfer is the ultimate party friend. The brand has an outstanding community of loyal party-going fans, with only more to come.

30 different flavours

Driven by innovation and consumer demand, Kleiner Klopfer offers a remarkably variants of liqueur, including the most recent creation of “Currant” entering the markets in Summer 2024. All flavours are available in unique mixed packs and the bestselling flavours exist in single flavour packs. There is always a mini bottle for
everyone party hit.

The fun factor

Kleiner Klopfer has a high fun factor: the small 0.02L bottles provide a boisterous party atmosphere and are perfect for lively drinking occasions and games. The name? Says it all. The Kleiner Klopfer ritual is a must at every party.

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