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135° East


Stimulate the unexpected

Between East and West

135° East is a gin inspired by the Taisho era, a period in which Eastern culture fused with Western customs. Master distiller Kimio Yonezawa has taken the three traditional botanicals from London Dry Gin and blended them with five Japanese botanicals to create a harmonious and well-rounded spirit. A touch of sake distillate perfects this work of art, which awakens the senses and rouses the unexpected, all while remaining faithful to the spirit of traditional gin.

A distillation method for each plant

The botanicals used to compose the 135° East gin are carefully sourced from local producers. Each and every one is distilled separately, using the best method to protect its unique characteristics, one of which is vacuum distillation, as practiced in luxury perfume making.

A surprising touch of sake

135° East is characterized by a touch of distilled sake. Since rice lies at the heart of Japanese history and cuisine, the sake used to craft 135° East gin is Junmai, itself made from Yamadanishiki rice, considered as “the king of rice”. Once distilled, it shows a singular delicateness that gently envelops and escorts the 5 Japanese botanicals.

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