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135° East


Stimulate the unexpected

Between East and West

135°East is a gin inspired by the Taisho era, a period in which Eastern culture fused with Westerns customs. The city of Akashi is located exactly at 135 degrees East longitude and was chosen in 1888 to determine Japan Standard Time The Japanese call it “Toki no machi” (the city of time). As a symbol of the gin that would join its ranks, the 135th meridian was a clear choice for the Kaikyo Distillery.

Unlike any other gin

By combining new flavours with the classic botanicals of London Dry gin, Kimio Yonezawa has created an innovative style. First, the Master Distiller & Blender collected and tested around 50 plants from all over Japan. After making a careful selection, he chose the 5 Japanese botanicals (yuzu, sansho pepper, sensha tea, ume, shiso leaf) that went best with 3 traditional gin ingredients (juniper berry, coriander seed, angelica) and at the same time transmitted the energy and originality that he imagined for his new creation.

A surprising touch of sake

135° East is characterized by a touch of distilled sake produced by Akashi Sake Brewery. Since rice lies at the heart of Japanese history, the sake used to craft 135° East gin is Junmai, itself made from Yamadanishiki rice, considered as “the king of rice”. Once distilled, it shows a singular delicateness that gently envelops and escorts the 5 Japanese botanicals.

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