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Our Manifesto

Mezan endeavors to unveil the true essence of the Caribbean and its hidden treasures: the pleasure, uniqueness, intensity, originality, and vitality of authentic rums, pure and rich in character, distinct from standardized flavors. To achieve this, we traverse the Caribbean off the beaten path, meeting with producers in artisanal distilleries throughout the region.

Mezan embodies the multifaceted richness of Caribbean producer rums: the diversity of origins and methods, and consequently, a variety of tastes, emotions, and experiences. Our priority is to reveal the beauty, richness, brilliance, and uniqueness of the rums we have discovered, without compromising their authenticity with additives, sweeteners, or processes that would smooth their

Moreover, our rums are encounters with the men and women who craft them, sharing their expertise and way of life. It’s also about discovering the often-preserved beauty of landscapes and the warm authenticity of the people and their way of life. The true discovery, the real journey, the genuine escape lies in the encounter.

Double ageing

Mezan vintages are aged in two stages: first in the hot and humid climate of the Tropics, and then in Europe to complete the process. The second agin proves advantageous as it causes less oxidation and prevents an excessive concentration of

A rare selection of Vintages

Each MEZAN vintage rum comes from a single distillery, some of which were founded centuries ago or are no longer in operation. The MEZAN vintage rums rest at least 10 years before being bottled under the supervision of our Cellar Master.

MEZAN celebrates the specific characteristics of Caribbean rums: Jamaica, Panama, Guyana, Trinidad, Belize, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua …A rare and meticulously considered selection.

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