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The unaltered rum

Our philosophy

Mezan is a limited collection of “unaltered” rums. Unsweetened, uncoloured, and unchill filtered, Mezan rums capture the most original and complex essence of the Caribbean.

The chosen cask

All Mezan rums are aged in old Bourbon casks until they reach their optimum level of maturity. Bourbon casks affect the final taste of the rum the least. The decision was a deliberate one, aimed at optimally preserving the special identity and singular character of each rum.

Double aging

Transparency about the  tropical to European proportion. Mezan vintages are aged in two stages: first in the hot and humid climate of the Tropics, and then in Europe to complete the process. The second aging in Europe proves advantageous as it causes less oxidation and prevents an excessive concentration of esters. Mezan always specifies this information on the packaging of each of its vintage rums.

A rare selection of Vintages

Every Mezan rum vintage comes from one distillery in limited editions. They mature for a minimum of 10 years before being bottled under the attentive watch of our cellar master.

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