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Old Tbilisi



The symbol of the capital

OLD TBILISI is a leading mainstream Georgian wine brand since 2001 and stands for cheerful enjoyment of life and for inspiring warm and open human relationships through conviviality. Being an iconic brand among Georgian wines, OLD TBILISI has long served as a sort of “visiting card” of Tbilisi and Georgia.

Old Tbilissi's values

Nearly everyone who has ever visited Tbilisi has felt the magical, convivial spirit of this city. This is because of the glitter of its bright sun, its delicious food, its dynamic street life and its striking architecture, the general atmosphere radiating from the classic Georgian cheerful enjoyment of life. Old Tbilisi wines stands for the same values as the capital itself: informality and friendliness, happiness and celebration, conviviality and sharing, empathy and loyalty.

Fresh aromas and affordable prices

Very accessible, Old Tbilisi wines have a particularly refreshing aroma and perfume. They can be consumed at any moment of the day, in the company of friends or loved ones, in a relaxed atmosphere.

A brand signature

OLD TBILISI labels convey the unique, historic architectural style of our city’s old quarter. We have used these emblematic balconies of Old Tbilisi in memory of a bygone tradition – when people used to sing, dance, party and drink wine on the colorful verandas of their houses.

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