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Old Tbilisi



The symbol of the capital

Old Tbilisi wines express the identity of Georgia and its capital, both as marvellous as they are joyful. They have inherited cultural expression and historical savoir-faire, handed down from generation to generation.

Old Tbilissi's values

Thanks to its origins, Old Tbilisi shares the same values as its amateurs: humanity, conviviality, empathy and a taste for pleasures in life. Its wines can be shared with family or friends, a symbol of hospitality and generosity.

Fresh aromas and affordable prices

Very accessible, Old Tbilisi wines have a particularly refreshing aroma and perfume. They can be consumed at any moment of the day, in the company of friends or loved ones, in a relaxed atmosphere.

A brand signature

A single word both expresses and perfectly sums up Old Tbilisi: “gagimarjot!”, which means “cheers!”. On its labels, it can be seen next to the outlines of the famous balconies of the capital that form the brand name Old Tbilisi.

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