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Inspired by music

8,000 years of wine history

Georgians are proud of their centuries old wine-making traditions. Indeed, the origins of wine making culture in Georgia stretch back 8,000 years, according to archaeologists. Throughout this long history, winemakers have always sung and played music during the harvest, celebrating nature, wine and human connection.

Comfortable with history, comfortable with the era

Today, a younger generation of consumers is looking for alternative brands, with contemporary labels and a trendy lifestyle, without sacrificing the culture and history of wine. With a more relaxed attitude towards wine, both in terms of consumption culture and education, this new generation needed its own label. For this reason, GWS created Vismino.

The future in music

In Georgian, Vismino means “I should listen.” The word perfectly expresses the concept and character of the brand. There are numerous theories about the link between colour and musical tones. To produce its labels, Vismino went as far as creating a musical instrument capable of painting the music it plays.

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