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The art of sharing emotions

Seeing life from another angle

In Georgian, tamada means “toast master”, or the individual who directs the supra, traditional Georgian ceremonial banquets. The tamada offers toasts that tie together both the guests and unexpected ideas, with a certain amount of eloquence and cleverness. He helps everyone to see life from another angle, as does the brand that bears the name.

The perfect fruit

The vast majority of Tamada vineyards are 15 years old, or even 25 years old for certain parcels and wines with a protected designation of origin (appellation d’origine contrôlée, or A.O.C.). Thanks to their deep roots, the vines drink pure water from the Caucasus Mountains and produce an abundant and rich juice.

All Tamada vines are harvested by hand, under the supervision of the House’s chief winemaker. Workers select only the finest grapes, avoiding fruit that is either too ripe on the highest branches or the green, dry grapes too close to the soil. Only the richest, juiciest and most perfect fruit leaves the vineyard for the cellar.

Tamada uses thermo-regulated tanks, or tanks regulated by subterranean temperatures. Wines with a protected designation of origin (A.O.C.), such as Mukuzani, benefit from a longer aging in oak barrels, up to 12 months old. To bring the best out of the grape, Tamada’s winemaker uses different oak barrels, including French oak.

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