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Mamont Blood



From a micro climate, a grand bitter

Mamont Blood is a bitter born in Karelia, forged in a natural environment with a unique microclimate.

A shared bloodline

“Our ancestors explored these lands for thousands of years. Here, they raised their children as they foraged for food and tamed fire. They breathed in the same air, hunted, ate berries and steeped their teas. To create Mamont Blood, we looked to who we were and where we are from. After all, we share our blood with our ancestors.”

30 herbs and berries

Mamont Blood is distinguished by its blend of natural plants, which include extracts of wild berries from the Karelia region. For maximum purity, water from Onega Lake is filtered through shungite and then the blend of 30 herbs and local berries is distilled. This premium eau-de-vie is made from grains and produced with gentle boil technology. No preservatives or colouring is added during the production process. Mamont Blood is the result of centuries old knowledge and permanent quality control.

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